Thursday, June 7, 2012

This That and the Other

Mood: Stabby. Someone is doing construction in the apartment above ours and for some reason, must pound on the floor all the time. For the past week. Stabby people.

Listening to: Minority – Green Day.  As well as the pounding.

Another post full of random, scattered thoughts coming your way. I probably should be working right now. Am I? Psssht. Absolutely not. The urge to spit out things floating in my head was entirely to strong.

So. Emraan Hashmi. For some reason, I can’t help but enjoy this bugger and his acting. I’ve heard that he’s an absolute ass in real life and seems to think he’s God’s gift to actors worldwide.  I’m not sure if this is true or not, but so the rumor goes. Emraan, honey, if this isn’t true, you should hire some new P.R. people. I’d love to love you for your personality too. Anyhow, I love how this guy emotes. In a recent article I read, the author thought that Emraan fit best in a simple setting where his acting/emoting skills could be on display because that was a true gift of his. I completely agree.  One more thing Emraan – no with the long hair. Just no.

This, Lovies, is Emraan. In case you didn’t know, I’m not a fan of the mustache at all (please Indian guys, for the love of baby potatoes, just stop it!), but he totally pulls it off. You just know he’s about to break into song or some type of romance. His face just screams it.

This is a favorite of mine, just because it looks like he's having so much fun. I get such a kick out of masculine dancing confidence here:

Ok, moving along.  I know this is childish of me to get so excited about, but I got my very first blog spam comment the other day. Aw, my little blog is getting so grow up. And we’re done with this. So thanks random bike shop for trying to advertise something that has nothing to do with my blog for free, but no.

The day the fans are cleaned will probably have to be today. I’ve been putting this off for WAY too long. Ceiling fans in India have the tendency to get disgusting really fast from all of the dust floating around. Mine are no exception. I foresee some entertaining moments where I try not to fall off a chair while slopping soapy, dirty water everywhere. Note to self: Do not wear a white shirt. Fortunately, I like this kind of chore as long as it’s not getting in the way of other things that need to be done. Unfortunately, I have work on my plate, ideas bursting out of my head, and kids that cannot wait another 5 minutes to eat for the 86th time today.  You both need to go do school already. Like now.

Indira has been pulling the nosey mother in law card with me again. Yesterday, it was because I had not cut a mango that my youngest was eating. Daddy G has this funny possessive streak about mangoes. More specifically, the way they are eaten. The proper way to eat one is to thoroughly smoosh  a whole mango, pinch the stem end off, and suck the juice and pulp through the hole. So this is the way we’ve been taught to eat Badami mangoes – which are absolutely amazing by the way. Indira decided that this was a ridiculous idea because my daughter was getting mango everywhere. Um…I do believe that’s what sinks are for. Trust me, she’s washable. She also got after me today about not having veggies in the fridge. Seriously? My fridge is stocked full of fresh, homemade food. Why do I need excess vegetables in there getting stale? I do know how to plan grocery runs. I’ve been doing it my entire adult life. You don’t cook for us anyhow, why does this worry you?  Just because you don’t see me cooking (and this is on purpose because without fail, you feel the need to take over and do it for me) does not mean people in this house are not eating veggies. Completely the opposite. Back up a bit please!

What’s new in your world? Drop me a comment people. I don’t bite. Well, most of the time, but I promise I’ve had all my vaccines.



  1. How about totally unripe mangos with salt? Or, with salt and chilli powder? Have you ever tried it? It's really good but you have to like sour.

    I absolutely hate cleaning fans. It's so awkward... but it's true - the do get ugly pretty fast. *Sigh*..... if *I* had created the world... things wouldn't get dirty.

  2. Oh I do love me some sour mangoes. I usually get them in small portions from a street vendor. I am indeed a huge fan of sour. We're right in the middle of a huge Badami mango binge right now, because the US just doesn't have mangoes like that.
    I was going to post a pic of the fans...but I just didn't have the heart to admit I let them get so bad. The fans in the US get a little bit dusty after a whole YEAR of ignoring them. I think it's been about 3 months since I cleaned them last. Ugh. I like the things not getting dirty idea.

  3. Oh I remember my first spam comment like it was yesterday. Broken English, ramblings completely unrelated to the blog entry, a link to some shop in an Asian country I've never heard of. Now we get them all the time. Thank God blogger's pretty good at filtering them out automatically.

    Also, what IS the deal with the Indian mustache? I'm secure enough in my masculinity to admit that that guy would probably be pretty good looking if he didn't have the pedo mustache.

    1. Lol. I got an email about receiving this comment. As soon as I decided what it was trying to say (yes with the non-english speaking grammar), I went looking for it. Took me a while to figure out there was a spam comment folder. Very cool blogger, very cool.

      Ah the Indian mustache. It is intrinsically associated with studly manliness here. I can't tell you how many very young men I've seen sporting one in an attempt to look grown/badass. Unfortunately, the group of Indians my husband comes from (Telugus) are notorious for their love of mustaches. I read Daddy G the riot act before we got married. No mustaches. Ever. Oh the thick, straight 70's porn stache is the worst. It invariably comes with a sexist, know it all attitude. Ugh.