Friday, June 22, 2012

Check it out!

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I can have your attention for a few minutes, we have some blogging love to be passed along. First off, if you haven't checked out A Beer for the Shower, you must. Just do it, these guys are awesome.

Secondly, Brandon and Bryan, at A Beer for the Shower, are offering a free promotional download of their book, The Missing Link, for the next five days.

Everyone needs to hustle their little butts over to Amazon and get on this. These guys are seriously funny. Even if you don't have a kindle, Amazon is kind enough to send it to your desk top instead.

Thanks Lady in Red for the heads up! If you haven't checked her out, go now, I'll wait. 

Non promotional blog coming up soon, hopefully.


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  1. :-)

    I mention it on my blog - but check the brand called something like "Chikku's" for the sesame balls. They're usually fresh.