Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Can't Handle My Cheese

Listening to: Hallelujia - Rufus Wainright
Mood: Calm

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a sad day. I’m being forced to give up one of my favorite foods.  My system just can’t take it anymore.  That food is pizza. Ha, and you thought I was giving up alcohol or sugar. Not even close. You can pry that stuff out of my cold dead hands. It’s not so much the pizza that I can’t handle, it’s the cheese. My beautiful, strong, tart, excellent with wine, cheese. Crap.

One of the great things I’ve found out about India is that Dominoes and Pizza Hut have moved in. I understand that I’m not 18 anymore with a miracle metabolism, but a taste of home like this is definitely welcome.  So the other day I ordered 2 pizzas (no, not just for me you pecker), because mama had a serious yen for some cheesy, tomato-ey goodness. My digestive system was absolutely hateful for a few days after that. Thinking I had eaten some funny chaat (Indian street food snacks), I got a yen for a grilled cheese. Thankfully, India has discovered sliced cheese. It’s not as good as the ones in the US, but when that’s all there is, you take it. My digestive system proceeded to make me feel like I was dying again for 3 – 4 days.

So. Yes. I want my 18 year old metabolism and ability to eat anything back. How can I be expected to forgo my Indian equivalent of pepper jack smeared with mixed fruit jam? (Go ahead and try it, I dare you. It’s life changing.) Le Sigh. The sad thing is that I’m totally willing to put up with the gastric chicanery on an occasional basis just so I can eat food with cheese in it. Viva le dairy or some other such nonsense. Hallelujia.



  1. ;-) Mixed fruit jam is good lol... disgustingly good - although, I haven't had it in years. And I've never tried jam with cheese before.

    What a bummer to have cheese issues though! I hope you can at least eat paneer - it might be easier to digest. :)

  2. I never tried mixed fruit jam (our house was pretty much exclusively grape Smuckers when I was growing up) until I visited India the first time. Now, both my children and I are hooked.

    Amul makes little cheese squares with chilis in them called Mirchi poppers. My friend introduced me to pepper jack with figs a few years back and I loved it. Since I couldn't find dried figs here, I tried jam. Just as amazing. The sweet perfectly off sets the spicy/salty flavor of cheese.

    I adore paneer, especially Saag paneer. I'm going to have to have another experiment and try it out.