Friday, June 15, 2012

Things that I can’t Blame for Being Bitchy and Crazy

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Mood: A bit Down

So on the advice of a friend, I went to the doctor (read hospital, because that’s where the actual modern doctors are) to test both my thyroid and my hormones to see if I could get some answers to the great hair shedding issue and more recently, the urge to chuck things at anyone and everyone for no reason at all.  I was desperately hoping that there was a pill I could take that would make me feel a bit normal again and grow hair.

Unfortunately, that isn’t in the cards for me right now. All of the tests came back as normal. So. No thyroid problems, no hormone problems. I am back to square one with advice to improve my diet and some advice to get some more sleep and try meditating for the mood swings. The whole diet advice just makes me frustrated. I don’t seem to get solid answers on this track and I’m really at a loss as to what to do about my diet. I eat healthy. Like crazy healthy. Whole grains, lots of vegetables, lentils, and lots of fruit. Since no one can seem to pinpoint exactly what I’m missing, it’s damn near impossible to know how to improve my diet, even though that’s all I’m told.

So I no longer get to blame being a crazy bitch on a hormone problem. While he’s way to polite to say it, I’m pretty sure Daddy G was looking forward to finding some answers about this too. So apparently I need to just step back and get a grip on life. It’s not hard, it’s not stressful, so why should I give in to getting frustrated so quickly. I guess it’s good to know that I’m not sick either. I’m definitely thankful to know that. I was just looking for an easy answer that would have been easily fixable. 

So now I’m basically going on a mad hunt to see what I can do about the diet. Let us see how this turns out.



  1. It would have been an easy solution ;) but you're right - better not to be sick. Right now I'm loading up on on multivitamins from the States, Vit. B complex and Biotin. Seems to help some.

  2. I agree Lady in Red. I've been trying to find some sanity for 2 years about this stuff and I do tend to lose sight of the fact that I should be thankful I'm not actually sick. If I do end up losing almost all of my hair (nope, no hyperbole here!) I'm going to buzz it - definitely not something I'd do with regular hair!

    I do take vitamins, only I take them extremely sporadically. I take both a multivitamin, a biotin, and a fish oil. Like once every month or two I'll remember to take them. This is why birth control pills never quite worked for me. Maybe that should be goal numero uno. Take the vitamins already, every day.

    1. "That's why birth control pills never worked for me" LOL!! If this were a tweet I would retweet and favourite it! Yes, taking the vits on a *daily* basis might help ;-)

      You could always try Ayurveda but it's crazy stuff. I have a friend who is taking it - but not just for hair loss - she has all sorts of skin problems.

      Anyway, the meds were supposed to help her hair situation and they did. One side of her head grew back in about five times faster than the other side. I am not exaggerating. I saw it happening myself.

      She had to keep trimming off several inches on one side of her head - and then wait for the other side to catch up lol. The doctor said that this was to be expected and her hair now looks great ;-)

  3. I may have to tweet that then! Lol. Project take your vitamins is a go. I don'f think I care if its growing in one side at a time if its growing! That is pretty funny though.

    1. Waiting for that tweet ;-)

    2. I did tweet that. We ended up talking about prenatal vitamins and giving Daddy G chest pains. :-)