Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just Peeking in Real Quick Like

Hey All,

Sorry for the disappearing act. I'll explain why I wasn't able to update all of you wonderful folks on how cool Sri Lanka was. Just wanted to drop in and ask you to wait another day or two while I catch up on some work I planned to do during my trip but wasn't able to, and no, it isn't getting caught up on Pinterest. Promise. Oh shut up, it's work. And partly Pinterest, so sue me.



  1. Welcome home and I will patiently wait as I tap my nails against the table top and stare at your blog. ;-)

    In the meanwhile, if you get the chance, voting is open to see who wins the Kindle which Pish Posh is offering to her Get Fit Challenge contestants.

    If you have a vote to spare, I would be trilled to get it! The voting is at:

    You just have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and right before the comment section you'll see the contestants' images with a little "vote" link under each. Voting ends Monday morning. Thank you :-)

  2. Oh my. You may be waiting for a while. Blogger is famous for not cooperating with picture loading. :-) I'll definitely hop on over to Pish Posh's blog and give a vote.

    1. Thanks :) I really appreciate it. And I'll try and be patient as I wait for your posts!