Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Indian Spa or How to Spend 5 Hours Being Slathered With Every Single Cream You Can Think Of

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I went to visit my sister in law last weekend. She decided that she wanted to do some girly bonding with me and that a spa was the perfect place to do it. Apparently, almost everyone goes to get their hair cut, get facials, get hair removed, etc.  She decided dragging her brother (my husband) was also needed. Her husband stayed home with both my two nieces and my two daughters – bless his heart!

We went on a Saturday afternoon, which meant it was packed. We only ended up waiting for a half hour, so it was ok.  I decided to get a haircut, a fruit facial, and a coconut oil hair massage.  I haven’t gotten my hair cut since we moved to India 6 months ago – I’m rather intimidated by going by myself and not being able to explain what it is I want done. This sounds silly, but I’ve actually had this happen at a Dominican salon in the US, so my sister in law was much appreciated reinforcement. Fruit facials are pretty self explanatory.  Coconut hair oil massages are also.

I went in first to get my hair cut. My sister in law explained what I wanted to the stylist. She cut my hair in 10 minutes flat (shortest haircut time evar), complaining the whole time that I was having hair fall. Hair fall is an Indian euphemism for your hair falling out, for whatever reason. This wasn’t news for me, I’ve been trying to get it to stop for a year now. I even saw a dermatologist in the US who told me it was a nutritional thing, but had no idea how to fix it. Gee, thanks.  I told her I knew about it, but she continued on about the whole time.

After that was done, my sister in law and I went upstairs to start our hair massages. They had us change into really loose tops that tied over our chests.  We both sat in chairs for a few minutes. The girls came in with bowls of warmed coconut oil and proceeded to massage the hell out of our heads. It was really intense sometimes, but absolutely wonderful. I loved it. I ended up looking like a greased pig, but it was wonderful. They washed my hair out later.

For our facials, we were asked to lay down on our backs on a bed that was covered with a big plastic sheet. It was a little odd, but that was how this salon was set up. She proceeded to smear this lotion/potion/hoodoo juice all over my face for the next 2 hours. IF you’re a person who is uncomfortable with a stranger touching you while you’re not fully dressed or don’t like too much touching in general, an Indian spa is definitely not for you.  After I was done, I was thoroughly touched out, but nicely relaxed.

4 days later, my skin has thoroughly exploded. Not sure what all junk she put on my face, but my skin does not like it at all.



  1. I've done very little "beauty parlouring" here. Just had my legs waxed a few times and that's it. What did your husband do while all this was going on?

    About your hair falling out - I've noticed that taking a B-complex helps a lot. Also, one time when I had really bad hair loss it turned out that I had a thyroid disorder.

  2. I went last time we visited India 6 years ago for a facial. I don't know that I'd go on a regular basis by myself, but it was nice girlie time.

    My husband was talked into getting a facial, which he hated. He has oily skin and they picked at his face too much.

    I do take B vitamins - along with fish oil and a multi vitamin - but it doesn't seem to help that much. I was tested for a thyroid problem a few years back but nothing came out of it.

  3. I've been off thyroid hormone replacements for about ten years now - but still have to be checked every six months because it can return all of a sudden.

    If it's been several years since you tested - and if there was reason to believe that you're a candidate for thyroid disorders - it wouldn't hurt having the test done again.

    Lol, sorry for the medical stuff on a blog - but dealing with thyroid issues has given me a fascination for the topic. Another thing I should post about... I need to start a list!