Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Temporary Lodging

Listening to: Chicken Little

As my husband has got a job with a company that will remain unnamed (in the event they don’t want to be named, I don’t want any lawsuits!), we were given 4 weeks in a guest house so we could find an apartment in Bangalore. My husband’s work is located in the northern section of Bangalore, so that’s probably where we’ll settle down too. Our guest house is set up like a house with different apartments, divided into different rooms that can be occupied by different people with a shared living/kitchen area. There are 2 beds upstairs and 1 downstairs with the living/dining area. We are in the upstairs apartment with 2 of the bedrooms. There is no one in the downstairs bedroom, so we pretty much have it to ourselves. There is a cook that comes for the day if you want to order food, or you can be supplied with pots/pans if you want to cook yourself. I made my first foray out to the grocery store by myself the other day. I can totally do this.  Anywho, we’re really happy with the place, but haven’t been there all that much. More to come on this later.


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