Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Decision

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So much has changed since I last updated this blog. Let’s start at the beginning. Since I wrote last, the husband and I pretty much wrote off India. It just didn’t seem to be in the cards for us at all.  In other news, my sister in law’s family has settled into the new chapter of their lives and is doing extremely well.  We are super happy to see how well they’ve adjusted, made friends, and generally embraced where life has taken them.  We had decided to pursue a job change in the US for husband and were resigned to some change disrupting our lives. Our summer plans were put off in the anticipation of what would happen over the summer. We hoped to make a long-overdue trip to India for a vacation to see the family and meet up with some very much missed cousins. Our vacation was rather dependent on a job husband was pursuing and very much attached to a time schedule so we would have plenty of summer to enjoy in India without worrying too much about the kiddos missing school. We had everything all planned out besides tickets. It soon became very apparent that the job was not going to come through on the schedule we were after and the trip was not going to happen. That was one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with in the last few years.  In spite of knowing better, I let myself get excited before tickets were actually purchased.  A good friend hooked my husband up with a contact in India just to have a chat about a job. It was at this point that we started thinking seriously about a move to India after all. We found ourselves at a natural crossroad in life and started thinking more on a serious level about the huge choice in front of us. After many anguished discussions and many, many long nights discussing every pro and con and then discussing them again, we decided to do it. Even though that particular job didn’t pan out, we were still going to make India work. That’s right! The G family is preparing to move to India.

That’s right India; here we come. I can’t even begin to describe the euphoria/anxiety that erupted at our house after that decision was made. After a few days of completely freaking out, we decided to start making a battle plan. I’ll get into everything that has happened since in the coming posts. I still am getting a breathless panicky feeling in my chest whenever I sit too long and think about it. I wouldn’t necessarily categorize it as a negative thing, but in the interest of honesty, there is plenty of that too.

I think the biggest thing that comes to mind is the kind of life change this is for our family. This isn’t simply a move. This is a closing up shop of an entire life in one country and the opening of another somewhere else. And to think I told my husband that at almost 30, I was getting a little too old to start over again somewhere else in the US. Ha! That is exactly what I get for tempting fate. I’ll get into the reasons that husband and I decided were worth it to move, but for now, I’ll leave it at assuring you all that this was not only entirely voluntary, it was fully supported by myself. An entirely new chapter in our lives is about to start, and it is absolutely breathtaking.  

This is going to be the record here. All the good, the bad, and possibly the ugly. A few reasons I want to do this:
  1. To assure my family and friends that the husband, myself and the kiddos are indeed alive and kicking when they need visual confirmation.
  2. Pictures for those we no longer are in physical proximity to.
  3. A physical record of a time that I hope is going to be amazing, even if it is the most difficult thing we will ever do. As I have learned, time moves way too fast. I want reminders and pictures.
  4. A resource for those looking at the same decision point in their lives or those who already are on the road. I really wish we had more information from people who have done it.

So welcome along on this crazy rabbit hole we’re jumping down. I’m nothing if not honest, so I apologize ahead of time if I make you uncomfortable. I will be telling it how it is.


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