Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Update

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Hello. Sorry for up and disappearing on all of you lovely readers.  I had inlaws drop in for a week as well as 2 of my nieces, so our house was a bit of a zoo for a while. I’ve also been doing an A-Z challenge on one of my other blogs, so that’s kept my writing juices flowing in that direction.

So. Here’s the update at the G household.

Daddy G: I wouldn’t know much about Daddy  G because true to form, he is always working. We are definitely glad he is back from the states. Daddy G is also in the throes of decision angst over whether or not we are buying a car and what kind. All I can do is sit back and know that he will make up his mind sooner or later about this and completely let it go until then. I am itching to drive.

The Mini G’s: The girls are off of school for summer break right now. It has been challenging as usual to have them home all of the time. When they are not grounded for being sneaky little punks, we are enjoying the swimming pool in front of our house. Never thought I’d say that about India, but I am so thankful for it. The girls are also involved in 2 sports class and 1 acting class per day each. Don’t judge – we all needed some sanity time and they needed some exercise.

Becky G: I have been keeping busy chasing inlaws, nieces, and my own mini g’s around the house. I’ve been blogging semi-faithfully on one or the other of my blogs, which I’m thrilled about. I’ve been reading a bit too. I’ve also been exploring the neighborhood villagey-thing  behind our house too.

India is hot right now. Living in Bangalore is much better than most of the rest of India, but is still the equivalent of a New York summer. It is hot and it is humid. As I mentioned – the pool is well appreciated. 
There has been talk of planning our big vacation for the year (we do 1 big one a year, and a few small weekend trips). As you can imagine, my imagination has gone completely hog wild with all the possibilities. I do love me some travel planning.

Other than this, life is quiet around our house. We’re enjoying the summer and the kids being home. We’re also gearing up to send the smallest Mini G to school this year. It will be downright strange to have the house all to myself again. Aside from Indira (my housecleaner) of course.

Drop me a note. Tell me how things are going on your end of the world!


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