Friday, November 25, 2011

Well Now That’s Just Disgusting Part II

My inlaws live in a very nice small neighborhood off some decently busy roads that cross Hyderabad. The small grocery store is about 2 blocks away, and the husband and I occasionally walk down there to pick up some cereal, jam or other such things.

As I have already noted, Indian streets are crazy jungles of activity that require the utmost attention to navigate. This goes double for pedestrians as you are the smallest, weakest thing traveling on the road. There are very few places where there are sidewalks, people just hug the edge of the road. There is also the honking method of communication to be considered, but we’ll get into that in another entry. I guess it’s pretty apparent that you need to watch what’s going on around you.

The fun part comes in when you realize that you have to watch the ground in front of you also. There are stray dogs to be avoided at all costs, potholes, mysterious puddles, bugs, and trash, not to mention the people and random cars/autos parked on the side of the street. 

One of these fine evenings, I was walking with the husband and we needed to cross the street. I decided that watching the cars was the prudent thing for my eyes to be doing at that moment. This was where things got hairy. I had not noticed that something had used the bathroom on the side of the street. I turned to cross the street and didn’t notice it until my sandal clad foot had sunk in nice and good. Thank goodness I was wearing heeled sandals, otherwise I might have had Hepatitis nightmares for weeks – after all, I didn’t even know what left the pile of crap in the street.  Husband, after he finished being mad that I wasn’t watching where I was going and then laughing hysterically, assured me it was just from a cow. This is totally reasonable because you do see the odd inexplicable herd of cattle wandering down the street with the cattle herd in the middle of super busy neighborhoods/streets. I just wonder where they keep them…it’s all houses, where do you have space for ginormous cows??

So came home and thoroughly washed off my sandal, thankful that this lesson didn’t come with skin contact or any exotic disease. But still. Ew.


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